Basement Pump Station Aftercare Advice

Here’s some handy pump station aftercare advice for looking after your basement pump station in between service visits.

Live in a hard water area (check here)? To avoid a build-up of limescale around the pump, think about having your groundwater pump station serviced more frequently. Our engineer will always recommend the most suitable service interval specific to your equipment. We don’t just rely on computers!

Got a groundwater pump station with no battery backup? Speak to our Customer Care Team today about installing one to meet the requirements of BS8102:2022 and drastically reduce the risk of flooding during a power outage.

Is your foul water pump station taking kitchen waste? Speak to our Customer Care Team about our Active Enzyme Pump Station Maintainer fluid, SlickShield. A simple monthly subscription (that you can dose yourself) could avoid nasty blockages and pump related issues caused by fatbergs.

Got a foul water pump station? Try switching to liquid detergent for washing your clothes. This will avoid a potential build-up of powder in the pump station, which could block the pump.

❓ Did you know… your cavity drainage channels need regular inspection as well as your pump station? They must also be maintained, cleaned and kept free flowing in line with BS 8102:2022 and home insurer’s recommendation. Contact Paragon Pump Servicing today for more information on our Type C CDM yearly camera inspection visit.

✅ Please remember this important pump station aftercare advice, do not flush any of the following into a pump station…

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