Typical pump station service checklist

Below is what’s typically included in a standard 35+ (equipment depending) point service from Paragon Pump Servicing.

✅ Visual inspection and condition check of the sump, internal pipework and all cabling within the pump station (inc. cable jointing kits where applicable).
✅ Inspection of all float switches, including high level alarm float.
✅ Pump station naturally (if possible) pumped down to check overall pump performance.
✅ Valves checked to ensure they’re working correctly.
✅ Test operation of high level alarm (if applicable). Check battery and mains supply.
✅ Test operation of battery backup (if applicable). Ensure it goes into backup mode correctly.
✅ Test operation of control panel (if applicable). Ensure auto changeover (dual).
✅ Basic clean of floats, pumps and chamber walls.
✅ Visual inspection of pump/s and impeller.
✅ Adjustment of floats and pumps within the pump station to ensure correct activation.
✅ Test all pumps to ensure operation (automatic or manual).
✅ Label spurs and panels (where necessary).
✅ Reset service reminder (if applicable).
✅ Check work area is left tidy, gate valve left open and power (battery where applicable and mains) is left on for all equipment.
✅ Complete job sheet for the customer and leave service pack. Make recommendations where required.

Servicing Terms & Conditions inc. exclusions are communicated and provided at the time of booking.

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