SlickShield™ – pump station grease and fat treatment

What is SlickShield?

Did you know that your foul pump station (when taking kitchen waste) is prone to a build up of grease, oils and fats even if it’s serviced regularly?

These substances can stop the pump from running altogether due to a build up around the activation float, resulting in a call out (or even worse, a flood!)… but there’s no need to worry. With SlickShield you can help aid in looking after your pump station in between service visits!

SlickShield is a pay monthly plan that gives you access to the highest quality, natural, UK made active enzyme fluid, to help ensure your foul pump operates at its highest capacity.

The active enzyme fluid effectively breaks down grease, oils and fats that can naturally build up between services and creates a powerful biofilm that adheres to the walls of the pump station and pipework. SlickShield helps to prevent blockages and the risk of waste backing up the inlet and discharge. This reduces the possible need for ‘rodding’ pipework, saving time and money long term.

Foul pump stations are bound to experience a buildup of grease, fat and oils due to the nature of their application (depending on what facilities they are taking). This buildup is unavoidable but with SlickShield it’s possible to help reduce the chances of blockages, pump activation failure and callouts between services.

It can also help reduce malodour, ensuring drains don’t begin to smell and the immediate environment remains pleasant.

How does SlickShield work?

When you sign up for a SlickShield monthly subscription you will receive a 1L bottle of active enzyme fluid direct to your door automatically every month, simply follow the provided easy step-by-step instructions and away you go. It’s never been easier to help look after your foul water pump station.

No contract. No hidden clauses. Cancel anytime.

Please note, the use of SlickShield does not guarantee you will not have a breakdown, blockage, or pump failure – it helps to provide a continuous degradation of oils, fats and grease.

SlickShield, pump station grease treatment plan
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