Basement Pump Station Installation Site Check

We’re here to make your life easier, that’s why we’ve devised this simple basement pump station installation site checklist to make sure your site is ready for us to attend and install the pumps and accessories.

✅ The chamber is in the ground, backfilled with concrete and ready for the pumps to be installed.

✅ The chamber is free from all site debris/waste and empty of water.

✅ The discharge pipework is run in the correct size and type (Class E high pressure – grey).

✅ The cable duct is run, which is a suitable size for the pump station (2″ or greater), ensuring no 90° elbows have been used.

✅ A draw cord is in place and pulled through the cable duct (usually a blue rope).

✅ The linear distance from the chamber to the final location of the control panel or high level alarm is no more than 10m. If it is, please let us know.

✅ A vent pipe is installed for all foul water, surface water and sealed cavity membrane systems only.

✅ A permanent power supply is on site and ready for the pumps, correct as per wiring guidance provided by the manufacturers. The electrical installation must comply with the requirements of BS 7671, latest edition (incorporating the latest amendment).

Installation of a bespoke Delta basement pump station with Rego1 control panel
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