Pump Station Major Sump Clean

Sometimes pump stations require a thorough drain and pit clean. This is predominantly required on foul water (sewage) pump stations due to the nature of their application and what they are pumping. Groundwater and surface water systems can also require a pump station major sump clean, where build up of debris can occur.

Every now and then things can get into pump stations that shouldn’t be there, this is the likes of wet wipes, rags, sanitary products and other non-pumpable materials. To help combat this, we have written a blog post which can be read here! You can also ready more about Thames Water’s Bin it – don’t block it campaign here.

A major pump station clean consists of the following…

  1. Removal, inspection and clean down of the pump/s.
  2. Emptying of the tank, in-depth scrub down using a biological enzyme based citrus cleaner and suction out.
  3. Re-installation of pump/s, test and shock treatment of SlickShield (foul water pump stations only).
  4. Report complete and odour eliminating spray left with the client.
Major pump station clean with tanker and jetter.
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