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Why do I need a pump station service?

It’s important to keep your basement pump stations regularly serviced to minimise future breakdowns and maximums their lifespan. Groundwater pump stations can occasionally experience limescale buildup due to the nature of their application, we clean this off during servicing. Foul water pump stations can experience fat and sludge build-up, if this is the case we remove and clean during a routine service. A service regime is also a requirement of BS8102:2022 and without one, your warranties/guarantees could be void.

What does a pump station service include?

A pump station service with Paragon Pump Servicing is very comprehensive. Unlike other companies in the industry, we offer a fully inclusive inspection. This includes mechanical tests, control checks, and a basic clean of the pump/s/pump station. Our engineers provide a detailed digital inspection report. Why not see what we’re all about and book a service online or over the phone.

How often should I get my basement pumps serviced?

At Paragon Pump Servicing, we initially recommend a 6 month service interval due to the critical nature of the pumping equipment (and British Standards recommendations). Our engineers will always suggest a service interval after the first service of your pumps, that way you can rest assured you’re getting a trusted maintenance schedule to actually match your pump station’s use. Not all pump stations are the same.

What are you doing to protect against COVID-19?

We lateral flow test at least twice a month. We will continue to wear a face-covering (if you require) when entering your property. Engineers will also wear protective shoe coverings (if required). Please ask our engineer if there is anything else you would like us to do in regards to COVID protection whilst attending your property. After all, it’s personal.

What can I do to help look after my basement pump station?

In between services you can help keep your pump station in top condition by ensuring non-pumpable waste is not flushed down the toilet or put down the plug holes. This includes, but is not limited to… wet wipes, sanitary products, nappies, condoms/contraceptives, clothes, cloths, cotton wool buds, paper towels (only toilet roll), plastic bags, plasters & bandages, dental products, medicines, cigarettes, all types of paint, all types of oil & fat, chemicals & chlorine and powder washing detergent.

Do you provide engineer reports after pump maintenance visits?

Our Customer Care Team will email you the engineer’s report after their visit. The engineer completes everything digitally via his phone. We can also take payments on-site for any parts used or additional labour via the engineer’s card reader.

I have a Delta sump pump, do you service these?

Yes! In fact, we specialise in Delta Membranes equipment and know their systems inside out. From groundwater to foul water pump stations, we can ensure your Delta pump system is maintained to the highest level of standards.

What areas do you cover?

Being based in London allows us to provide our pump maintenance services to the entirety of London within the M25 and also out to the Home Counties. From Kent to Surrey, Oxfordshire to Essex, we keep the South East of England’s sump pumps pumping (including Cambridge).

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