Basement Pump Stations, don’t forget about them…

Basement pump stations are everywhere in London and Paragon Pump Servicing was recently contacted by a new client in Muswell Hill to service their basement pump station (something they had forgotten about doing for many years!). We attended the basement pump service to find that one of the V3 pumps had failed and the chamberContinue reading “Basement Pump Stations, don’t forget about them…”

The importance of commissioning a Delta basement pump station

Not having your basement pump station commissioned is like driving a brand new car off the forecourt without it having a pre-delivery inspection… you just wouldn’t do it. Below we explore the importance of commissioning a Delta Membranes basement pump station. At Paragon, we carry out a fully comprehensive 15 point check on all DeltaContinue reading “The importance of commissioning a Delta basement pump station”

Pump Station Case Study | W13

Overview Paragon Pump Servicing was called by a client in London, W13 where the main contracting company had left the property with nothing working or installed correctly. The owner had been pumping down both pump stations by hand with a pump they had to purchase from a builder’s merchant. The basement was supposed to beContinue reading “Pump Station Case Study | W13”

NotifyU – Basement Pump Station high level alarm monitoring via Wi-Fi

NotifyU™️ is a compact lithium battery powered Wi-Fi pump station monitoring device, that enables you to receive remote high level alarm alerts direct to your email via Wi-Fi. The device simply connects to your already existing alarm or control panel via volt-free*, with no additional power cabling required. Installation and setup are super fast andContinue reading “NotifyU – Basement Pump Station high level alarm monitoring via Wi-Fi”

The importance of a pump station battery backup

It has always been the advice of any basement pump expert that a ground or surface water pump station should have a battery backup installed, to ensure that water can be effectively evacuated from the station in the event of a mains failure, whether that is a traditional widespread grid power cut or a localContinue reading “The importance of a pump station battery backup”

Pump Station Case Study | Care Home

Overview Paragon Pump Servicing was called by a main contracting company that had recently taken over a ground floor extension project in a care home. The previous contractor had left the site with the foul water pump station (that takes eight bedrooms), only partly installed. The care home was losing money each week due toContinue reading “Pump Station Case Study | Care Home”

Live in London with basement pumps?

If you live in London and have basement pumps, you’ve come to the right place. At Paragon Pump Servicing we provide basement pump servicing with a truly transparent approach to customer service. No hidden charges, ever… it’s personal. We’re a Delta Membranes approved pump service company, meaning that when you use us to maintain yourContinue reading “Live in London with basement pumps?”

July 2022 WaterAid donation

We’re proud supporters of WaterAid and donate a portion of our profits to help millions gain access to clean water and good hygiene. This life changing charity and organisation provide safer, cleaner and easier access to water, helping to keep locals hydrated, healthy and sanitised. This month we have funded the maintenance, emptying and cleaningContinue reading “July 2022 WaterAid donation”

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