Live in London with basement pumps?

If you live in London and have basement pumps, you’ve come to the right place. At Paragon Pump Servicing we provide basement pump servicing with a truly transparent approach to customer service. No hidden charges, ever… it’s personal. We’re a Delta Membranes approved pump service company, meaning that when you use us to maintain yourContinue reading “Live in London with basement pumps?”

Delta Maxx Connect Basement Drainage Registered Installers

Being Delta Membranes Maxx Connect Registered Installers allows us to give you even more peace of mind, knowing that we have the technical knowledge required to work on all Delta equipment, from AlertMaxx2 to the PowerMaxx2 range and the Rego1 control panel. We also specialise in legacy Delta products such as the AlertMaxx and MessageMaxx.Continue reading “Delta Maxx Connect Basement Drainage Registered Installers”

Why do basement pumps need servicing?

Basement pumps are there to protect your basement from potential flooding. Groundwater pump stations help to remove potential water ingress from your waterproofing system. Foul water pump stations help to evacuate waste from facilities below mains sewer level. Just like you get your car and boiler serviced to help increase their lifespan and maintain theirContinue reading “Why do basement pumps need servicing?”

What is a basement pump station?

It’s a question we get asked a lot! When a basement is constructed, a waterproofing cavity drainage system (like a Delta Membranes system) is installed, and a part of that system is a pump station (sump) and sump pump. Groundwater When basements are built, the first line of defence should be the structure, but sometimes,Continue reading “What is a basement pump station?”

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