BS 8102 : 2022 and what it means for you as a pump owner

What is BS 8102?

The British Standard BS 8102:2022 is the code of practice for the protection of below ground structures against water ingress, which has been updated in 2022. If you’re having a basement built then it’s imperative your basement waterproofing designer, architect and contractor work together to comply with the requirements within 8102. BS 8102 gives recommendations and provides guidance on methods of dealing with and preventing the entry of water from external sources into structures that are partly or wholly below ground.

What does it mean if I already have a basement?

There have been some important updates to the standard in 2022 which include…

  1. Every pump station should now have a battery backup fitted. As pumps are critical in evacuating groundwater from a basement and they require mains power, when there is a power cut a battery backup would take over and keep the pumps powered. If you don’t already have a battery backup system on your pump station Paragon Pump Servicing are available for a free of charge survey, to access your requirements and best advise on the system to use. Delta Membranes provide the ‘best on the market’ equipment at this moment in time.


  2. All basement pump stations should have a maintenance schedule. This means…

    – If you have a basement and don’t know if you have pumps, contact us immediately. We will check for your free of charge and provide guidance.

    – If you have a basement and know you have pumps, use us to service them. We will build a servicing schedule specific to your equipment… we know you won’t regret it.

Paragon Pump Servicing, helping to keep basements dry.

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