Why do basement pumps need servicing?

Basement pumps are there to protect your basement from potential flooding. Groundwater pump stations help to remove potential water ingress from your waterproofing system. Foul water pump stations help to evacuate waste from facilities below mains sewer level.

Just like you get your car and boiler serviced to help increase their lifespan and maintain their warranties, it’s important to get your pumps serviced as well, as the same applies to them!

Groundwater pumps are susceptible to limescale build up, so it’s imperative to keep up regular maintenance to remove and minimise any build up. Foul water pumps are prone to a build up of fat and sludge, a regular service will help keep that at bay.

Don’t put your trust in a plumber or drainage company! Using an accredited pump specialist for your basement pump servicing will ensure they are cared for correctly and the proper maintenance is done. You wouldn’t take your car to be serviced by the people at the local car wash, would you?

At Paragon Pump Servicing we carry out a 35+ point inspection on your basement pumps. Every packaged pump station is different, so we build a service regime to suit your particular pump station’s requirement. British Standards recommends a six month service interval for all basement pump stations.

Helping to keep basements dry.

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