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Paragon Pump Servicing was called by a main contracting company that had recently taken over a ground floor extension project in a care home. The previous contractor had left the site with the foul water pump station (that takes eight bedrooms), only partly installed. The care home was losing money each week due to having inhabitable rooms, caused by this uninstalled pump station.

Report & Diagnosis

We attended an initial condition survey to access the work required. On attendance, the engineer located the manhole in one of the unfinished bedrooms and it was overflowing with foul water. The pump station was emptied with an overpump, to find the foul pump disconnected from the discharge and the cabling left unwired and not pulled through the cable duct. The pump station was also full of site debris, stones, bricks, cabling and a 3″ thick sludge, a pit clean was needed. The engineer inspected the pump to find a large stone blocking the impeller and tested the insulation resistance of the motor to access it was down to earth – a new pump was required. The Delta AlertMaxx2 high level alarm had also only been partly installed with the pendant float wired in showing an E1 float error code. This was all fed back to the client via the engineer’s digital report and a visit booked by the Paragon Customer Care Team the following week with all the necessary parts required to rectify the site.


Action & Rectification

Paragon attended the care home, manned with the necessary parts and sufficient time booked to complete the work to get the care home extension ready for new patients to move in.

The pump station was emptied with an overpump again and a full pit clean was completed to remove the various build up of site waste and sludge. The perimeter of the pump station opening was also cleared with a shovel, removing any smaller stones, etc. Once empty and clean, the new pump was ready to be installed. Two new cables were pulled through the cable duct, one for the pump and the other for the float (the run was >10m). The cable that had previously been pulled through the duct for the float had been poorly joined within the duct and moisture had gotten into the cable, causing the E1 unstable float error. With the cables now ready, a new pendant float was fitted and the pump lowered into the pump station and connected to the discharge. The pump and float cables were pulled behind the wall (hole already provided) and terminated into the pre-installed AlertMaxx2. All the cables were tidied, the alarm labelled (with advice to change the spur to a non-switched type) and the pump station was naturally tested multiple times to ensure it was discharging correctly.

The client was left happy, the care home was overjoyed that they could now use their rooms and a regular service regime set up.

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