Live in London with basement pumps?

If you live in London and have basement pumps, you’ve come to the right place. At Paragon Pump Servicing we provide basement pump servicing with a truly transparent approach to customer service. No hidden charges, ever… it’s personal.

We’re a Delta Membranes approved pump service company, meaning that when you use us to maintain your system your basement guarantee remains safely intact.

We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer care and our expert, friendly engineering team.

Why choose us to service your basement pumps over everyone else?

Expert ✓

Paragon Pump Servicing has over 10 years of combined experience and knowledge in basement pumps in London. Our team of engineers is compliant with all relevant H&S & industry standards. We pride ourselves on delivering an expert service each and every time.

Quality ✓

We provide a quality service, to every one of our customers. We operate in an agile and efficient way. Our workmanship is second to none, and we do our best to always ‘get it right’ the first time. We deliver outstanding results, together.

Dedicated ✓

Our engineers are highly skilled specialists and fully qualified to company standards. We’re proud of their customer etiquette. We consider our Customer Care Team to be the best in the business, offering dedicated support when it’s needed!

Personal ✓

Paragon Pump Servicing was created to bring a vibrant and truly authentic approach to the market. We are a community, and we’d love to have you join us. Check out our mission statement, it’s personal.

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