NotifyU – Basement Pump Station high level alarm monitoring via Wi-Fi

NotifyU™️ is a compact lithium battery powered Wi-Fi pump station monitoring device, that enables you to receive remote high level alarm alerts direct to your email via Wi-Fi.

The device simply connects to your already existing alarm or control panel via volt-free*, with no additional power cabling required. Installation and setup are super fast and there are NO ongoing subscription fees, EVER

You will also receive a scheduled status report via email that includes the number of alert events in that timeframe, the percentage of contact open time, and the device’s battery % level.

NotifyU™️ can also connect and monitor/alert on other NO/NC volt-free outputs, such as mains power failure and service due, equipment depending.

£99.00 one time cost per device. Contact us to find out more, make a purchase or request a data sheet. All direct Paragon Pump Servicing customers will receive FREE installation on every device purchased**. 

*Alarm or control panel must have a volt-free contact for the high level alarm. One NotifyU device required per alarm/panel. 

**Offered to customers within our area of operation. 

NotifyU Wi-Fi Alarm Monitor

Please note, when purchasing a device(s) online, nothing will be shipped. You will be contacted by our Customer Care Team to discuss installation.

Basement Pump Station high level alarm monitoring with NotifyU

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